Express yourself digitally

Everyone has the right for self expression in a digital world. Everytime, more and more information is hurled in the humongous ocean of information that surrounds us. Standing out is thus a more and more challenging labor.


  • 2000 years ago

    ...we had papyrus. Survival was a matter of transmitting clear indications to our immediates.

  • In year 1440

    ...Guttenberg invents the printing press, helping to spread the knowledge worldwide.

  • In year 1951

    ...Shockley opens a new page in history with the introduction of the most basic form of semiconductors, the transistor which led to our current digital era.

The web

There are many technologies used nowadays to support the exchange of information, namely HTTP, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Node.js, SQL and many more.

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The future

It is impossible to know how the future will look like, but, one thing is certain: we will all be there to be the witnesses of that change.


Pemark is a simple benchmark get an overview of the performance of your mobile device.

Logo of the pemark project is a website where you can upload all your questions, either if you know the answer or not.

Logo of the project

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